Please give as much notice as possible if you need to cancel or postpone an engagement.

Same day bookings can be available through text, but notice is usually required.

You can book using my "booking form" but 24H notice minimum is required.

When you contact me please let me know the DAY, TIME and DURATION you are inquiring about. I will let you know if this works or the soonest available time. 

If you would like to provide additional information it would be appreciated. This will help me get a feel for what type of experience you are looking for beforehand. 


There's few scenarios where I will require a deposit:

If I get a feeling you are a fake, troll or wasting my time asking unnecessary questions (asking for nudes and talking explicit).

You would like to book 3+ hours. 

If you have previously cancelled a scheduled meeting with me on short notice.

If our date requires heavy correspondence and planning before meeting, I will ask for a deposit.

Fly-me-to-you arrangements require 50% deposit.

In these situations, I will require from you a e-transfer deposit to This will go towards our booking and reassures me neither of our time is being wasted 


It is wise not to mix business and pleasure, which is why I prefer to discuss business up front. When that's out of the way, I can assure you a truly memorable encounter with me.

To make things feel less like a 'business transaction' and more relaxed, please ensure the correct donation is handed to myself discreetly in an unsealed envelope within 5 minutes of arrival.


Ottawa or on tour:

If the date is cancelled or postponed with less than 24 hours, the cancellation fee is 25% of the rate for the engagement. 

Travel or overnight:  

If the date is cancelled or postponed with less than 48 hours, the cancellation fee is 50% of the rate for the engagement.


Deposit Methods of Payment


Interac e-transfer (Discussed in advance)


What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash or E-transfer deposit

What turns you on? 

I find a great sense of humour and also intelligence (in any subject or the desire to learn) very attractive. Physically, I love someone who has great hygiene and takes pride in it (body and oral).


When are you available for travel?

I’m available for travel sometimes with little notice, but advance notice is usually required of a week. I would be happy to travel with you for up to a few days or meet you at the destination of your choice.



I’d be happy to bring along one of my beautiful friends provided it’s booked in advance. This would be so much fun!

Do you have discounts?

I do not offer discounts and do not negotiate my rates. I may on occasion advertise a special but at my own terms. Quality is so much better than quantity. I will say this over and over again..


How can I get a prompt response from you?

I am not always at my phone to answer you right away, but I do prioritize those who fill out there inquiry with a day, time, length and a little bit about themselves. If I think your not serious or theres too little information in your injury, I may not respond (ex. “rates”, “u avail”, etc).

Do you offer BBFS for extra?

ABSOLULTELY NOT. This is grounds to get blocked. It saddens me that anyone would ask for this..

What's the best etiquette when contacting you?

I am rarely available for last minute dates, and often recommend an minimum of a 3-5 hours notice for new suitors. For Fly-Me-To-You arrangments I need an absolute minimum of 1 week or longer (Preferably planned as far in advance as possible).

Priority is given to longer engagements and regular bookings. Emails and text messages that are missing booking details will not be responded to.

When will you visiting my city?

I don't tour often, but when I do my calendar will my here on my website and Twitter page. I'm catering to Fly-Me-To-You dates shortly as I prefer exclusive dates where I can focus my time and energy only on you!

Can you send me face pictures? 

While I respect those who do, I will not. This is due to privacy concerns I have and I personally appreciate being discreet.

Can we have dinner together?

Getting acquainted over dinner is a great way to start a date. My time is your time as well and I offer social time for $150 hourly. 

Do you require a deposit?

-First time clients booking more than 1 hour? yes

-Booking 3+ hours? yes

-Meeting in public? yes

-Fly-me-to-you? yes

Only time I don't require one? When i've met you before and your booking 1-3 hours only.

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